“I’m a professional stand up paddler (SUP) and always on the lookout for leggings that dry fast and don’t need adjusting.  I have found my favorites with KAST!  They feel like second skin and are SUPer soft!!!


I love that I can get out of the water and head to the coffee shop or to lunch with friends, and the leggings are dry by the time I get there (5 minutes).  These are my favorite leggings and the prints are fab!


My closet is slowing filling up with KAST leggings and slowly emptying of other brands. Why would I keep leggings around that have to constantly be adjusted, take forever to dry, lose their stretchiness, or cut into places they shouldn’t on my body. As a professional fitness trainer, a stand up paddle athlete, and someone who lives in leggings (even going out with friends), KAST has become a staple in my wardrobe and my life.


What I love:

  • how light they are, like a second skin, without being too loose.
  • how perfectly they sit on the hips, without creating any muffin top or weird bulges (everyone hates weird bulges).
  • the constant new prints and how I am always wearing a limited edition.
  • the compliments I receive on them daily!


Recently I was working an fitness expo demonstrating a new fitness product, and my KAST leggings got more compliments than the product did!  KAST capris and leggings will continue to be amongst the favorites in my closet!”


Testimonial by: CNC, CPFC, Nutrition Educator, Pro Stand Up Paddle Athlete – Jodelle Fitzwater.  www.getfitwithjodelle.com

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