Are you too busy to add more exercise to your busy schedule?  Do you think there is no way you can make the time for a full work out?  The good news is you don’t have to do all your daily movement at once.

Learn How to Move More

You can get health benefits by just moving more through out the whole day.  There are plenty of simple, no-cost ways to move more.  Try these easy ways to simply move more without having to make time for a full workout.

8 No Brainer Ways to Boost Your Activity Level

  1. Walk and talk.  If you are taking a phone call, or meeting a friend for coffee, use the time and go for a walk.
  2. Plant a garden.   This will not only make you move more (such as squat, kneel, reach, and carry), but will also allow you to eat better, and help the planet!
  3. Squat instead of bend.  When you go to pick something up from the ground, instead of bending to pick things up, add in a squat.
  4. Park a little further away.  You can naturally build more walking into each day just by parking further away from your destination.
  5. Balance when you put your shoes on.  Practice everyday to put your shoes on by standing on one leg and try not to lean on the wall.
  6. Add a stretch during regular life tasks.  When you are brushing your teeth, doing laundry, or cleaning the house, add in reaching, squatting and bending to double up on movement.
  7. Take the stairs.  Even if it is just for a floor or two, ditch the elevator and take the stairs when you can.  Or, if you are on an escalator, don’t ride it – climb it!
  8. Build a movement-friendly wardrobe.  Make sure you wear clothing that stretches enough to let you bend, climb, and play such as KAST capris and leggings.


When you start looking for them, you will see lots of opportunities to be more active during everyday activities!

If you have some great ideas on easy ways to move more, we would love to hear – put them in the comments below!


  1. I work from home and used to sit in front of my laptop all day. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with moving my computer all around the house. Sometimes I’ll place it on my dresser and work while gently stepping left to right. Sometimes I’ll set it on the floor and do forward folds as I work, or I’ll set it on a chair and sit upright on the floor without back support. I like the variety and it feels good to my body!


    1. Thank you for the movement inspiration! I love all the ways you move around while working. A few other ideas while you are ‘standing working’ is to do calf stretches (on a half dome or rolled up towel) and/or feet exercises (such as rolling a tennis ball under one foot at a time on all the pressure points)!


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