“TOTALLY HOOKED!  The moment I tried on my 1st KAST pants I was completely and utterly hooked and committed for life.  This is no exaggeration!  

The buttery soft fabric and fit leaves me with the desire to wear KAST fitness capris and leggings all day… and gratefully, I can for the most part.

My life as the owner of SwellWomen (International Luxury Surf and Yoga Wellness Retreats), consists of surfing, yoga, working from home, playing outdoors, and sitting on airplanes to the next retreat destination.


They are so comfortable who would want to take them off?


All day everyday is my motto!

6_OInA8YwS7NAo4gBjUcGpd3YWp2vhtrB-ChlMB_ROY copy.jpeg

Go ahead , treat yourself and become the next addict.  LOVE MY KAST!”

Testimonial by:  Lulu Agan – Owner of SwellWomen Surf and Yoga Retreats

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