HolidaysDid you know that what you choose to wear each day can either support or limit your movement?   If you refer to part of your wardrobe as ‘exercise clothes’ (or yoga/running/workout gear), then that means that everything else in your wardrobe is ‘sedentary clothes’.  This means that part of what you choose to wear each day could prevent you (or parts of you) from moving.  

Wearing clothes that allow you comfort and freedom of movement is so important.  This is one of the reasons why we love KAST’s comfortable, stretchy, capris and leggings.  KAST pants allow you to move!

In celebration of the Holiday Season and to promote more movement in our customers daily lives, we are excited to offer a Holiday Giveaway Series where we will be giving away some of our favorite KAST pants this entire week!

In each giveaway you will have the chance to win some our favorite prints such as Stealth, Sugar Skulls (Orange), Sandstorm, Powerhouse, and more!


Make sure to keep an eye out for these giveaways by following us on Facebook and Instagram.   If you can’t wait to see if you win, and want a pair or two now, shop online today!

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