I am the proud owner of 3 pairs of capris, one pair of full leggings, and 1 pair of shorts. They have been through hell-and-high-water with me.

When I first became a fan of KAST Fitness Wear, I was married, living a nice beachy life on Maui. Not long after acquiring my KAST pants, I got divorced, changed jobs, moved across the state, and basically… well, life.  These leggings have been there for me through literally everything.  They ALWAYS made me look amazing and they were ALWAYS the most comfortable, go-to pieces of clothing in my closet. I wore them everywhere – to the beach, to the grocery store. Heck, I moved my whole life in them. They’ve gone to yoga classes, and to be honest, they did a lot of lounging at home, too.

Carrie Sole
Featured:  Cardio Blast Capris


Featured:  Spiral Tie Dye Capris with a super cute puppy!

And somehow, kinda like magic, they were very forgiving of the 20 lbs I gained (and lost!) along the way. You would think that after 3 years, they wouldn’t look as good as the day I got them, but to this day (3 years later), they are still the sturdiest, nicest looking pieces of clothing that I have – and the ones that get worn the most.

Featured:  Paint Ball Leggings at the gym!

It’s been a while since I could afford to buy a new pair. Big life changes can affect the pocketbook, no doubt. I found myself resorting to cheaper leggings because – well, money.  BUT having both invested in quality leggings and purchased cheap ones, I can unequivocally say that KAST Fitness Wear leggings are worth every penny. They have lasted all this time, still look amazing, and never ever disappointed because they were of lesser quality material or construction.

Featured:  Comfortable in Sugar Skull Capris.

I invested in a few new pairs today – SUPER STOKED to be adding to the collection after all this time.

Carrie + KAST Fitness Wear 4-ever


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