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KAST is honored to support and partner with Mana’oalana Pink Paddlers – Paddle for Life Fundraiser to support the Pacific Cancer Foundation, a local Maui non-profit serving cancer patients and their families.

The Mana’olana Pink Paddlers Voyage is 36 miles total, from Maui to Lanai in Hawaii.  The Mana’olana Pink Paddlers camp overnight at Hulopo’e Beach at Manele Bay and then paddle back to Maui the next day.  Mana’olana Pink Paddlers, a Maui non-profit, is dedicated to helping cancer survivors in their recovery from cancer through Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe.

If you would like to support the Mana’oalana Pink Paddlers – Paddle for Life you can donate here.  Paddle for Life donations go to the Pacific Cancer Foundation.

Motto: “Viva La Pink”!

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KAST ~ Authentic Brazilian Capris & Leggings.


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One thought on ““VIVA LA PINK”

  1. Love the pictures and the work Mana’olana Pink Paddlers and Pacific Cancer Foundation are doing in Maui!! They’re helping people to not just survive cancer, but to THRIVE! Thank you KAST for supporting this effort!!


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