KAST – Authentic Brazilian Capris & Leggings embrace comfort and style.  The fun colors and patterns will get you through your hardest work out and then keep you stylish throughout the day.  Since fitness wear can inspire and motivate you to feel your best in any sport or activity, put a pep in your step with the right fit!  

KAST works with several different fabrics.  All are soft, comfortable and form fitting.

KAST Materials:

  • Extra Light Supplex (Feels like a second skin) – Very minimal compression.
  • Light Supplex (Light on skin) – Minimal-Light Compression
  • Power Supplex (Thicker/Snugger) – Light-Medium Compression
  • Oasis Supplex (Thicker/Snugger) – Medium Compression –  UV 50+

KAST selects fabrics with quality and comfort as the top priority.   KAST material has proven:  strength, colorfastness, soft touch, cooling effect, moisture absorption, quick dry, and durability.

KAST uses flat seams for comfort.  Waist band is a mid-rise, flat band that is flattering and comfortable.


  • XS (0)
  • S (2-4)
  • M(6-8)
  • L(10-12)
  • XL(14)
* NOTE: There has been and always will be a very small variation between patterns within the Extra Light, Light & Power Supplex category. This differs due to the line count and the color of the thread used for the pattern.  All patterned pants are always categorized according to the factory’s “grammage breakdown” per pattern. The Oasis Supplex is it’s own material blend and is in solid colors.

Breakdown of grammage per material category:

  • Extra Light Supplex: 200-250 g/m2
  • Light Supplex: 260-300 g/m2
  • Power Supplex: 310-360 g/m2
  • Oasis Supplex: 260 g/m2

Some customers find a slight difference in the fit of the Supplex blends. We find that most customers who fall in between sizes prefer to go with the larger option in the Light & Power Supplex.  Instead of wearing the pants at full stretch, they are able to maintain and enjoy the stretch and keep the vibrancy of the colors. We also find that most customers who fall in between sizes prefer to go with the smaller option in the Extra Light Supplex (due to the compression and stretch).

Why would you want one verses the other? It’s just personal preference!

KAST ~ Authentic Brazilian Capris & Leggings.


We LOVE to see all the ways that you explore, create, and move through the world with KAST on!  Tag us on social media with #kastfitwear and/or #kastinaction.

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